We here at Metal Mix managed to catch up with Kris from Australian Death Metal / Rock band Snakewitch who’ve just started their promo campaign and working on their live and recorded output! The band from what I understand is in the final stages of securing a full lineup but we here at MMT managed to catch a bit of sneak preview at their songs and they’re sounding killer even in the early stages. There could be some big things in store for the lads if the music is anything to go by!

First up how have you been and whats been the latest in the Snakewitch camp?
G’day guys and thanks for having me. We’ve been busy locking down our material – songs , artwork etc. It’s a crazy ride of creativity and excitement, there always seems to be just one more new idea to throw into the mix and test out.

How did the band form and how did you meet / assemble the lineup that you have today?
After I left Clarity of Chaos I was approached by a couple of mates to work with them on a project. We got a handful of tracks together but due to conflicting schedules the project stalled. Which is shame as they are such great musicians and I enjoyed working with them. By that time I had just pulled a friend, Dan Backhouse, into the mix and we continued to work together. Over a few months we had the meat and bones for just over 40min of music. We then managed to hook up with a friend from my Reign of Terror days to drum for us and since then it’s been a constant push to fill out the band and lock down the material.

How would you describe the sound of the band?
That’s a tough one as we are drawing from a diverse range of influences. I’d like to think we have hints of thrash and melodic death mixed in with bits of prog and nwobhm. I get funny looks from people when I’ve said jokingly it’s post glam speed folk 😆

What the the next steps in the Snakewitch list of things to do?
It’s a long list. We’ve been busy locking down our songs and dialing in our sound in preparation for hitting the studio as well as teasing out ideas for artwork and imagery. With so much to do it’s been hard to stay focused and balance out the drive for the band with work and family.

What are the influences of the band? What kind of stuff rocks your world now?
We listen to just about everything from Bathory and Boltthrower, to Bayside Thrash like Exodus and Testament, to mainstays like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Metallica, through to Nile, Sepultura and Runemagick. I’m currently bingeing on early Black Sabbath, The Hu and Bruce Dickinson’s solo albums.

What’s the next step in the bands evolution?
While we have been busy locking things down we have been on the hunt for a second guitar and vocals. I’m excited to bring in new layers and dynamics to songs.

How are the new songs sounding?
It’s been challenge to write material that stands solid as an instrumental but that can later be morphed to encompass additional solos and singing. We haven’t set any defined ideas or constraints, we are just going with what feels and sounds good. We might write a 4min song followed by a 9min one.

What plans for new releases?
We a looking to hit the studio to record 8 to 10 tracks. That will be our starting point. It will also help us to focus other ideas as the music takes shape. I have been spending a lot of time working on concepts for the artwork but as the recording takes shape these concepts might shift. I’m very keen to have the visual and audible interlocking, it’s an idea i’ve been fascinated with since first watching the original Conan film as a kid. You can listen to sound track by Basil Poledouris and you know exactly where in the film you are and visualize the scene in your mind. So I want to try and create artwork where you can see the image and hear the song in your head.